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10 Best Quality Sliding Glass Door Curtains Review

The best thing about sliding glass door curtains is that they work way better than regular curtains. That is because sliding glass door curtains do more than just blocking the lights but also the sound. If you have lousy or noisy neighbors who keep you from sleeping or relaxing, get some sliding glass door curtains. Just slide them behind the door, and you will block much of the sound from penetrating into your room.

Since sliding glass door curtains are thick, they can also keep the heat in summer and cold in winter out as well. With so many benefits, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get sliding glass door curtains for your home right now. Not to mention they are perfect for modern decoration, these curtains are what you want to have. Below is the list of the best sliding glass door curtains that you can take into consideration. The choice is all yours, each of them is unique and awesome in their own ways.

1. Vertical Blinds by NICETOWN

sliding glass door curtains



The design from polyester makes this curtain super soft yet heavy which is simply great to have in the room. The awesome thing is that these blinds come with multiple functions which you can use conveniently. It is wide enough to cover sliding door, an it also helps blocking out most of the UV light as well. Not to mention it reduces the noise from the outside, this curtain is everything.

That is not all, the triple wave design of the curtains also balance the room temperature as well. It insulates against summer heat and winter chill so that the room always has just the right temperature. Plus, these blinds are wrinkle free so you won’t have to worry about taking care of them anymore. They are very easy to take care of, and the quality lasts for years of use. Many users are happy with this option, you will surely love it too.

Color: Grayish White, White, Toffee Brown, Teal Blue, Royal Purple, Olive Green, Navy, Gray, Cappuccino, Burgundy, Black, Biscotti Beige, Pink

2. Wide Thermal Sliding Door Curtains by Rose Home Fashion

sliding glass door curtains



If you are looking for some heavy curtains to keep the heat and the cold out, this is the one. The special design allows the curtains to reduce light from coming into the room. The darker the color you choose, the more light the curtains can block. You can hang these curtains from a standard decorative curtain rod easily, and it makes a great compliment in the room. There are also sizes available for you to select for your room, the choice is all yours.

Color: Beige, Black, Burgundy, Chocolate, Dark Gray, Gray, Grayish White, Navy, Olive, Turquoise

3. Energy Saving Linen Curtains by H.Versailtex

sliding glass door curtains



With unique design of faux linen, these curtains is extra thick and heavy which make it more durable to have. With these blinds in the room, you will no longer worry about the sunlight or bad temperature anymore. The curtains will simply control the light and balance the temperature in the rooms for you. Also, it comes with noise reducing feature which is a totally plus. These sliding glass door curtains make great room decoration, and they are one of the best options to have.

Color: Beige, Aegean Blue, Charcoal Gray, Cocoa Brown, Elegant Beige, Grayish White, Ivory, Prairie Sand, Pure White, Tan, Taupe Gray, True Ivory

4. Wide Insulated Sliding Glass Door Curtains by Melodieux

sliding glass door curtains



In case you prefer some texture instead of the plain design on the curtains, you are looking at one. The unique design of embroidery creates beautiful images on the curtains which makes it even more attractive. The perfect part is that these curtains make zero noise when sliding, and that is exactly one of the best qualities. With these curtains, the light and UV will be blocked and no sound will come into the room. The quality is long lasting, and there are many pattern options for you to select so check them out.

Design: Green Flower / Plant/ Wheat, Blue Flower / Plant / Wheat, Blue Sheer Flower / Plant / Wheat, Green Sheer Flower / Plant / Wheat, Beige Star

5. Blackout Sliding Door Curtain by Sun Zero

sliding glass door curtains



Comes with a detachable wand, the curtains allow you to slide across glass doors and large windows easily. Just like most of the best sliding glass door curtains in our list, this one also comes with blackout technology. The technology is to deliver privacy from unwanted light and noise to the room. Plus, it features the energy properties that help keeping summer heat and winter chill out of your home. The curtains come with different sizes and colors for you to choose, don’t forget to check them out.

Color: Beige, Barley Brown, Black, Blackberry Purple, Charcoal Gray, Chocolate Brown, Gray, Marine Teal, Mineral Green, Navy, Pearl, Plum, Red, Sage Green, Taupe Brown, Teal

6. Wide Width Thermal Blackout Curtain by Best Home Fashion

sliding glass door curtains



According to the laboratory tests, this curtain can block out up up 99% of light and 100% of UV rays. It features the innovative triple-weave construction that helps block out light, outside noise, and insulate against heat and cold. Each panel of the curtain has 16 antique bronze grommets which brings out more style to the room. More than that, the 100% polyester design makes it super durable and easy to take care of. The thickness of the curtain is just perfect, and it makes a great decoration to the room. Totally recommended.

Color: Chocolate, Black, Navy, Sky Blue, Burgundy, Lavender, Gray, Wheat, Beige, Light Pink, Olive, Avocado, Cardinal Red

7. Thermal Blackout Curtain by Eclipse

sliding glass door curtains



Here we have a very fashionable alternative to vertical blinds that works so perfectly for years. The design of this blackout curtain is to block the light and reduce the noise from coming into your room. You can hang it on traverse rod with drapery pins or on a curtain rod using back tabs or clip rings. This curtain is very easy and convenient to have in the room, and it is very stylish. For any classic rooms, the style and elegance is all yours with the presence of this curtain. The price is reasonable and the design is unique, definitely one of the best sliding glass door curtains.

Color: Charcoal, Black, Wheat, Espresso, Storm Blue

8. Insulated Blackout Curtains by Deconovo

sliding glass door curtains



Made from high quality polyester fabric along with silver coated side, these curtains are both decorative and functional. The curtains look great in any type of rooms, and they are also energy saving as well. With the energy saving panels, the curtains reflect heat from outside in summer and reduce the amount of heat loss in winter.

On top of that, they also come with noise reducing drapes that keep the noisy outside environment out as well. There are two panels in the package along with two color matching tie backs. These soft curtains come with various colors and sizes that you can choose from, you should take a look.

Color: Light Blue / Beige / Gray, Beige, Black, Dark Gray, Grayish White, Navy, Pink, Red, Royal Blue, Teal, Brown, Yellow, Orange

9. Modern Geometric Sliding Glass Door Curtains by Flamingo P

sliding glass door curtains



The geometric design of these curtains totally lift up the room’s spirit with stylish and classic look. The material of the curtains is polyester which is simply super soft and smooth that gives you a velvety feeling. The special part is that its triple-woven and ultraviolet semi-fiber technology enhances the blackout capacity. That means it can reduce sunlight and UV from coming into the room while balancing the room temperature. These curtains fit well with standard curtain rod, and it has zero noise during slide. One of the best options to select, indeed.

Color: Dove, Burgundy, Gray, Taupe, Teal, Navy, Black Stars, Turquoise, Pink Stars, Taupe Birds, Navy Stars

10. Space Design Curtains by Ambesonne

sliding glass door curtains



This last choice here comes with various printing designs that you can select for your room. It is made from high quality silky satin polyester blend that brings an elegant look along with silky soft touch. Plus, the color is vibrant and true to the picture which makes the whole room super stylish and cool. There are many styles that you can select from, and all of them are very nice to have in the room. Five choices of size are available, the choice is all yours.

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